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The Ultimate Sheet Music Collection for Brass

Are you looking to expand your musical horizons with new and engaging pieces carefully crafted for your brass ensemble? Here at Music For Brass, we've compiled a wide range of beautiful sheet music selections to fit your playing style, ability, and venue.

Our sheet music is available in easy-to-read PDF format for many different groups, including Brass Quintet, Trombone Quartet, Tuba Quartet, Trumpet or Horn Ensemble, and so much more!

Our premium musical selection contains more than 500 pieces to choose from. Just browse or search the catalog to find your music, and you'll soon be able to use it to practice, play for family members, or perform at holiday events, corporate functions, or on the concert stage.

Our sheet music is available for immediate download after placing a secure order on our website.

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Recent Additions

One Potato Two Potato for Trumpet Quintet
A Trumpeter's Prayer for Trumpet Quintet

Beautiful music, albeit quite high for the upper players.
(Feb. 15, 2018)

Beat It for Various Quartets

February 14 is the 35th anniversary of the release of the hit single Beat It! We have three fun arrangements available on our partner site: trombone quartet, trumpet quartet, and tuba quartet. There are no drum parts, but you can encourage your audience to snap fingers or clap along, or add a drummer for extra panache. Here's a sample YouTube video of the trombone quartet.
(Feb. 9, 2018)

Eine kleine Nachtmusik for Low Brass Ensemble

Here is "a little night music" to challenge your trombone, euphonium, tuba class!
(Feb. 6, 2018)

Brindisi for Brass Ensemble

The famous drinking song from Verdi's opera La Traviata.
(Feb. 6, 2018)

Badinerie for Trumpet and Trombone

This short but difficult arrangement is best for professional-level players.
(Feb. 6, 2018)

Funky Fugue for Trumpet Quartet

Aimed at advanced intermediate brass players, Funky Fugue has a Baroque feel with elements of jazz. A great concert piece.
(Jan. 29, 2018)

Trumpets for America for Trumpet Quintet

A challenging but heartfelt piece, written with the hope of inspiring a brighter future for America and the world.
(Jan. 29, 2018)

Embrace the Sorrow for Eight Trombones

A beautiful piece composed for the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge (YouTube).
(Jan. 25, 2018)

Ouverture from Tannhäuser for Brass Quintet and Optional Organ

What every brass quintet needs! An excellent performance by the arranger's ensemble is available on YouTube.
(Jan. 24, 2018)

Four Seasons for Three Low Brass

This lighthearted work includes Summer's Happy Days, Autumn Heartbreak, Winter Frolics, and Spring Dances.
(Jan. 23, 2018)

Ordonner le Désordre (Order the Disorder) for Brass Ensemble and Narrator

This intense and poetic work was written in 1995 for the brass ensemble of Orchestre Symphonique de Québec (YouTube).
(Jan. 21, 2018)

Variations on Già il sole dal Gange for Trombone, Baritone, or Euphonium and Piano

The arranger has composed several variations of this opera aria by Alessandro Scarlatti, making a nice work for auditions, recitals, or other purposes.
(Jan. 19, 2018)

William Tell Overture for Large Brass Ensemble

Could this be the definitive brass ensemble arrangement of this popular work? We think so!
(Jan. 12, 2018)

Tiger Rag for Tuba Quartet

A jazz standard first recorded by the Original Dixieland Jazz Band in 1917.
(Jan. 11, 2018)

Aura Lee for Low Brass Ensemble

A traditional song known to most people today as the Elvis Presley hit "Love Me Tender."
(Jan. 10, 2018)

Funky Fugue for Brass Quintet

Aimed at advanced intermediate brass players, Funky Fugue has a Baroque feel with elements of jazz. There is a solo for Trumpet 2 that has been written out! A great concert piece.
(Jan. 8, 2018)

Fanfare for a New Day for Trombone Quartet

A cool piece to kick off the new year. First trombone should have a good high C, second trombone a good high Ab (YouTube).
(Jan. 1, 2018)

Stücke für Posaune und Klavier

A beautiful work with extremely wide range – suitable for advanced players only.
(Jan. 1, 2018)

Osculetur me for Brass Quintet

Renaissance music by Italian composer Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina.
(Jan. 1, 2018)

Playtime for Trombones

A jazzy number suitable for strong high school or college-level quartets. First trombone goes up to high Ab, and there is a high C that could be taken down the octave if needed (YouTube).
(Dec. 20, 2017)

Christmas Medley for Trumpet Quartet

This excellent arrangement goes up to high A (above the staff) and down to low G (below the staff), making it a fun challenge for intermediate players. The medley starts with a short intro, proceeds into O Come All Ye Faithful, then slows down into Silent Night, before finishing with an up-tempo God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.
(Dec. 15, 2017)

Suite "Colours" for Trumpet Quartet

An advanced-level composition for players who want to spread their wings even farther.
(Dec. 15, 2017)

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen for Trombone Trio

This rocking arrangement of the popular carol is suitable for college-level players and above. Also comes with parts for two trombones and tuba (YouTube).
(Dec. 11, 2017)

The Christmas Song for Trombone Quartet

A beautiful arrangement of this popular song (also known as Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire) is now available on our partner site. Originally performed and recorded by Mel Torme, Nat King Cole, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra and many others. First and second trombone are in tenor clef and should have solid "lead chops" (YouTube).
(Dec. 4, 2017)

Four from the 16th Century for Brass Quintet

Includes music of Josquin des Pres, Ludwig Senfl, Christopher Tye, and Thomas Morley.
(Dec. 4, 2017)

Playtime for Four Trumpets

Have fun with this jazzy number! We are also preparing a transcription for high school-level trombone quartet.
(Nov. 30, 2017)

Va Pensiero for Brass Quintet

More great opera music for brass. A popular chorus from the third act of Verdi's Nabucco.
(Nov. 29, 2017)

Der Hölle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen for Brass Quintet

An epic arrangement of the Queen of the Night aria from Die Zauberflöte (The Magic Flute).
(Nov. 28, 2017)

Imitating an Owl on Mountain Olympus for Solo Tenor Trombone

This foray into nature comes in two versions: one for advanced trombonists and the other for younger players. From the composer's work in progress "Little Pictures for Solo Instruments" (YouTube).
(Nov. 27, 2017)

O Holy Night for Brass Quintet and Solo Voice

This well thought out arrangement can be used for concert performances, or sing-alongs with audience participation.
(Nov. 22, 2017)

O Tannenbaum (…and Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring) for Brass Trio

Your audience is sure to enjoy this blend of two popular tunes.
(Nov. 20, 2017)

Jesus, Jesus Rest Your Head for Brass Quintet

An uncomplicated arrangement your group may be able to sight-read on a gig.
(Nov. 19, 2017)

A Majorly Minor Christmas Medley for Brass Quintet

This very cool arrangement includes Coventry Carol, We Three Kings, and I Wonder as I Wander.
(Nov. 18, 2017)

The First Noel for Trombone Quartet

A heartfelt arrangement in ballad style. A strong lead player is recommended for the high C near the end. The arranger has prepared a beautiful recording you can listen to on YouTube.
(Nov. 17, 2017)

Christmas In The Wilderness for Brass Quintet

A quodlibet on The Huron Carol, as far as we know the only traditional Canadian carol.
(Nov. 16, 2017)

Christmas Drums, Christmas Bells for Brass Quintet

A clever adaption of traditional French and Russian carols.
(Nov. 15, 2017)

The 12 Days of Christmas for Brass Quintet

A concert version in multiple styles, including a bit of 5/8. Fun to play!
(Nov. 14, 2017)

Let It Snow for Brass Quintet

This New Orleans influenced arrangement of "Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!" is available on our partner site. It offers a ton of fun for players and listeners alike. A toe-tapping swung rhythm with triplet motifs combines with plenty of variety and modulations – you'll never get bored. Intermediate level on up.
(Nov. 10, 2017)

Nutcracker Interpretations for Tuba Quartet

Some favorite themes reimagined for tuba. Includes Overture, March, Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy, Russian Dance, Arabian Dance, Chinese Dance, Dance of the Reed Flutes, and Waltz of the Flowers.
(Nov. 5, 2017)

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen / In the Bleak Midwinter for Brass Quartet

Grades 1-3 versions of this beautiful music have been prepared and recorded by the arranger.
(Nov. 2, 2017)

Scholastic Fanfare for Six Trumpets

This intermediate-level piece is a useful tool for teaching articulation, intonation, and sound.
(Oct. 11, 2017)

Marche Miniature for Six Trombones

This enjoyable piece from Tchaikovsky's Orchestral Suite No. 1 is occasionally inserted into the Nutcracker Ballet as an interlude (YouTube).
(Oct. 2, 2017)

45 Progressive Tenor Clef Studies for Trombone

A great tool for students ready to learn tenor clef, and plenty for older players to practice as well. Includes 15 "Seriously Easy," 15 "Moderately Easy," and 15 "Not As Easy" studies.
(Sept. 21, 2017)

Star Spangled Banner for Horn Sextet

A pretty arrangement, with a few surprises!
(Sept. 20, 2017)

Al Mormorar de' Liquidi Cristalli for Horn Sextet

Music of the late Renaissance.
(Sept. 20, 2017)

Alexander's Ragtime Band for Tuba Quartet

This arrangement of the popular song by Irving Berlin is available for buyers in the U.S.
(Sept. 19, 2017)

Morceau Symphonique for Low Brass Choir

A beautiful arrangement, all in bass clef. The original version with piano is often heard at solo competitions or auditions. Recommended for college-level players, or high school players with a good high C#.
(Sept. 18, 2017)

Romanza for Brass Quartet

A nice arrangement of the second movement of Mozart's fourth horn concerto. The trumpet parts are likely too high for student players.
(Sept. 14, 2017)

Gemini Arrives for Trombone Quartet

This college-level piece by Canadian composer Andrew Clayden is really fun to play. Trombones 1 and 2 are in tenor clef, with Trombone 1 going up to high Bb.
(Sept. 12, 2017)

The Thunderer for Eight Trombones and Tuba

One of Sousa's great marches. First trombone has a phrase up to high D, but it can be taken down the octave if needed, or a small bore tenor used.
(Sept. 7, 2017)

Solo e Pensoso (Alone and Thoughtful) for Five Trombones

This introspective music of the late Renaissance sounds good on trombone.
(Aug. 24, 2017)

Two Fanfares for Douai Abbey

Fanfare #1 is for six trumpets and Fanfare #2 for four, with both just over a minute long.
(Aug. 23, 2017)

Romance for Bass Instrument and Piano

This beautiful piece can be performed on Bass Trombone, Euphonium, Eb or F Tuba, or Bassoon.
(Aug. 21, 2017)

World Peace for Five Trumpets

A sentiment we can all share!
(Aug. 3, 2017)

Schoolyard Suite for Brass Quintet

Another piece that beginning brass players will love. Includes Principal's March, Lunchtime Waltz, & Final Bell.
(Aug. 2, 2017)

In Festo SS. Trinitatis for Brass Quartet

Includes trumpet parts in Bb and C, plus substitute parts for horn and euphonium.
(Aug. 1, 2017)

Two Trillion Triplets for Brass Quintet

Is your student brass group struggling with rhythm? This piece can help!
(July 29, 2017)

Where'er You Walk for Brass Quintet

Another great wedding arrangement that brings the horn front and center.
(July 28, 2017)

Ode To Joy for Brass Quintet

This beautiful arrangement is perfect for weddings, and it features the tuba!
(July 27, 2017)

Chocks Away! for Brass Quintet and Percussion

An excellent training piece for beginning brass players.
(July 26, 2017)

Oh Danny Boy for Low Brass Ensemble
Londonderry Air for Brass Quintet

Two versions of the popular Irish folk song that are great for high school-level players.
(July 25, 2017)

Fanfare pour l'église Saint-Jean-Baptiste for Brass Ensemble

Powerful and dramatic music written to try and save a beautiful church in Québec City.
(July 24, 2017)

Trumpets for Earth for Five Trumpets

A beautiful and uplifting piece.
(July 21, 2017)

Solo e Pensoso (Alone and Thoughtful) for Brass Quintet

Some introspective music of the late Renaissance.
(July 20, 2017)

And So It Goes for Trombone Quartet

This epic (some might even say Wagnerian) arrangement of the beautiful and popular Billy Joel song is suitable for university or professional-level players (YouTube).
(July 19, 2017)

How Great Our Joy for Brass Quintet

Here's an early one for Christmas, as the arranger is about to release a CD recording.
(July 18, 2017)

Four Miniatures for Large Brass Ensemble

An exciting and accessible work with some lighthearted moments.
(July 13, 2017)

Summertime for Brass Quintet

Just in time for summer!
(July 7, 2017)

Adagio from Symphony No. 3 for Low Brass Ensemble

A beautiful work (often performed by trombone choirs) adapted for three trombones, euphonium and tuba.
(June 28, 2017)

Divertimento for Brass Trio

Classical music by the prolific Czech composer Johann Baptist Wanhal.
(June 23, 2017)

Natchez Steamboat for Trombone Trio

This fun little piece would be great for summer music camps. The moderate range is suitable for high school-level players. We have a full-length recording on YouTube.
(June 16, 2017)

Air & Minuet for Trumpet, Horn and Organ

Two nice selections from The Water Music, Suites I and II.
(June 13, 2017)

Three Gaelic Hymns for Tuba Quartet

The King of Love My Shepard Is, Christ Be In My Heart, and Above the Hills of Time (Londonderry Air).
(June 7, 2017)

Brassy Capriccio for Brass Quintet

A great piece for younger players with intermediate-level but advancing ensemble and musicianship skills. "Brassy" qualities include the piece's playfulness, unexpected harmonies, deceptive cadences, antiphonal phrases, contrasting legato and staccato motifs, varied moods and tonal colors, and time signature and tempo changes.
(June 1, 2017)

Epsylon Quartet for Trombone Quartet

A beautiful work in 7/4 time by Italian composer Paolo Eriani.
(May 24, 2017)

Georgia On My Mind for Brass Quintet

The famous song performed by singer-songwriter, musician, and composer Ray Charles. This fairly easy arrangement would make great summer brass quintet concert repertoire.
(May 17, 2017)

Prelude 'Raindrop' for Brass Quintet

A nice arrangement of one of Chopin's most popular themes.
(May 10, 2017)

La Vie Continue (Life Goes On) for Two Tenor Trombones

A challenging and beautiful work with range from low C to high Eb. We recorded a sound sample of the complete first movement.
(May 3, 2017)

Bridal Chorus and Wedding March for Brass Sextet

Time to get ready for wedding season? Can also be purchased in a set with Alleluia, Alleluia (for the same brass sextet plus organ).
(April 26, 2017)

Natchez Steamboat for Brass Trio

Fun, and funky!
(April 19, 2017)

New Orleans Jambalaya for Brass Quintet

New Orleans Jambalaya captures that spicy dixieland flavor that wakes you up and stays with you awhile! Requires advanced players as it gets a little tricky after the modulation.
(Mar. 18, 2017)

What I Did For Love for Trombone Quartet

A lovely arrangement suitable for college or university-level players and above. Trombones 1 and 2 in tenor clef.
(Mar. 12, 2017)

La Vie Continue (Life Goes On) for Two Bass Trombones

This beautiful piece was written for Julia McIntyre, currently Principal Bass Trombone of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, and Murray Crewe, former Principal Bass Trombone of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. The composer has made a complete recording available to listen to on YouTube.
(Mar. 9, 2017)

When Jesus Wept for Brass Quintet

The arranger makes effective use of mutes and dissonance to evoke the sombre mood of this hymn.
(Mar. 8, 2017)

A Tisket A Tasket/Billy Boy for Trombone Quartet

Young children will love this arrangement of traditional folk songs.
(Mar. 2, 2017)

Adieu, Sweet Amarylis for Brass Quartet

Music by English madrigal composer John Wilbye.
(Mar. 2, 2017)

Bluesy Brass for Brass Quintet and Drum Set

Marching Brass for Brass Quintet
Two great training pieces for beginning brass players.
(Mar. 1, 2017)

Ghostbusters for Trombone Quartet

A fun arrangement that audiences love.
(Feb. 28, 2017)

Brass, Then Might for Brass Band or Ensemble

An epic new work by this Italian composer.
(Feb. 28, 2017)

Prelude and Fugue for Brass Quintet

This lovely piece could add a festive mood to your concert or service.
(Feb. 27, 2017)

April Quartet for Trombone Quartet

It's not Spring yet, but now is a good time to start rehearsing this exciting, new composition in four movements! We recorded the first movement as a sound sample.
(Feb. 20, 2017)

Chorale and Fugue for the Cubs for Brass Quintet

This piece in honor of the Cubs' 2016 World Series title is composed in four different grade levels, from beginner through college.
(Feb. 14, 2017)

Let It Go (from Frozen) for Trombone Quartet

One of the first in our small (but growing) collection of pop tunes that can be ordered from our partner site. Playable by high school musicians with good syncopation skills. First and second trombone should be comfortable playing up to high Ab and Bb, while bass trombone needs a double-valve for the low C flats.
(Feb. 9, 2017)

Easy Brass Suite for Brass Quintet

A good piece for first year students with a few months playing under their belts, which is right about now!
(Feb. 7, 2017)

Toccatina for Brass Quintet

We haven't performed this new work yet, but it sounds like a fun piece to play.
(Feb. 6, 2017)

Dans Le Serain de Sa Jumelle Flamme for Brass Quartet

French music from the Renaissance.
(Feb. 6, 2017)

Marche Funebre for Brass Quartet

The music that commonly comes to mind when people think of a funeral march, although the arranger has included the original's lyrical and surprisingly beautiful middle section as well.
(Feb. 2, 2017)

Fantasia on Christ Arose for Brass Quartet, Timpani, and Organ

Church music directors looking for Easter music will appreciate this new work. It begins with a magnificent fugue for the brass, that can be cut if there is limited rehearsal time before the service.
(Jan. 25, 2017)

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